Tamer Abu-Alam is a geologist and a researcher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. He gained a Doctorate of Science in 2010 in the field of Geosciences from the Institute of Earth Sciences, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria. His research focuses on the coupling between magmatic and metamorphic processes, tectonic evolution of Earth lithosphere, and investigate the secular change in Earth’s thermal and chemical structure.

His research in petrology and geochemistry continued during two postdocs at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and a third postdoc at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø. At UiT, he is currently employed as a project manager at the Open Research Data group.

Abu-Alam is a section editor of the Lithosphere journal, information officer, and a member of the Geological Society of Africa’s council.

Research Interest

My research focuses on the coupling between magmatic and metamorphic processes, fluid-rock interaction and evolution of Earth lithosphere using petrology and geochemistry. My key strengths are the analysis and interpretation of geological, petrographical, geochemical and mineralogical data, and integration this data in geodynamic models. …. Read more

Teaching Portfolio

My beliefs are that teaching at universities and colleges should provide professional training for high-level jobs, as well as the education necessary for the development of the personality. Universities have to provide the new knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of sustainable development in a community, in raising public awareness and providing preconditions for informed decision-making. …….. Read more


My research is available to the scientific community via twenty-nine research papers in peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Journal of Petrology, Precambrian Research, Gondwana Research), nine consulting reports and twenty oral presentations at international conferences (six of them as invited speaker). My h-index is 13 with a total citation of 375 (updated August 2020). Get access to publications

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