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DVuploader (DataverseNO uploader)

DVuploader is a short VB program that was created in order to help researchers from different Norwegian Universities to upload their research data (regardless of the size of the data) to the DataverseNO. The program creates a BATCH file that is used to upload your data (you need to run the BATCH file in order to upload your data). In the next version (under construction) the program will automatically upload your data without the need to run the BATCH file.

Download DVuploader_1.0

The program package (a test version) can be downloaded (as ZIP compressed file) from here.

You need to unzip the files first.

Security issues

The DVuploader is a fully safe program. However, the windows system raises some security messages when 1) you are downloading the ZIP file and 2) when you are running the program for the first time.

After the unzip the files, run the DVuploader.exe file. You will get a security message from the Windows that the program is unsafe, press “More info” and then press “Run anyway”.


The code of the BATCH file was written by Obiajulu Odu (UiT The Arctic University of Norway). You will need DOI and Token in order to upload your data, please contact Obi to get them (

Dear visitor: you are most probably here to test an early version of the DVuploader. The program is hosted here (on my personal website) for test reasons. At a later stage, the program should be hosted at one of the UiT servers.

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