Teaching Portfolio

Taught and developed several courses related to petrology, geochemistry, structural geology, mineralogy, tectonics, crystallography and GIS. My teaching includes lecture-, field- and laboratory-based courses. Co-supervised eight Ph.D. and master students.

Courses and syllabuses

Learning objectives

The most important skills and habits of mind that I want students to learn in above-mentioned courses are 1) transfer geological knowledge and the foundational concepts of each subject, 2) these developing students’ problem-solving strategies, 3) help the students to excited about course subject, 4) teach students to work collaboratively, and 5) provide students with skills to pursue careers at the boundaries between science and society. replicas de relojes

My courses at the bachelor‐level offer basic training and scientific knowledge in geology. While at the the master‐ and the PhD‐levels, my courses offer advanced training with a clear focus on scientific problems.

Teaching method

I use stimulating and active learning‐based instruction in all of my classes. By this way of teaching, the students learn to:

  • Formulate and address well‐defined scientific problems.
  • Develop a critical research attitude and gaining academic competencies.
  • Make well‐founded choices that will help shape their future life. replica watches uk

Undergraduate teaching

Between 2001 to 2017, I have taught a wide range of courses include lecture-based, field-based and laboratory-based courses to undergraduate students of Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria, Tanta University, Egypt, and Rhodes University, South Africa. A chronological summary of these courses are: www.iwatchs.es

  • September 2017: Visiting lecturer at Geology Department, Rhodes University, South Africa to teach a metamorphic petrology course at the honors-level. Invited by Dr. Eugene Grosch (Rhodes University).
  • 2012-2014: Taught advanced petrology course (GEO 650.810) to students of the master- and final year of the bachelor-levels at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria. The course received a positive evaluation (see evaluation) from the educational and student services unit at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz. 
  • 2009-2014: I have supervised many students in their undergraduate research projects for the 5th semester, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria. часы реплика
  • 2009-2013: Co-supervised several student field-trips to the Austrian Alps.
  • 2001-2006: Taught courses related to petrology (including optical petrography laboratory), geochemistry, structural geology, mapping, regional geology and mineral data interpretation to B.Sc. students of Tanta University, Egypt.
  • 2001-2006: Co-supervised several student field-trips to Eastern and Western Desert of Egypt.

Supervision of master and Ph.D. programs

I have had the opportunity to co-supervise four Ph.D. and four master students. My role in the supervision diverges from collecting data and field observations to data interpretation and helping in writing manuscripts (for detail information, see supervision roles).

  • Ph.D. program of M. Hassan: I have co-supervised M. Hassan (the main supervisor was Prof. K. Stüwe, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz) in all steps of his Ph.D. program at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria which included collecting data and field observations, collecting mineral data using microprobe, XRF, data interpretation and helping in writing manuscripts. M. Hassan successfully defended his Ph.D. in 2014 with three peer-reviewed papers out-of-his thesis. The main topic of his Ph.D. program was geochemistry of igneous system and geochronology. Dr. Hassan was benefited from my first research grant which supported his salary and the fieldwork. Dr. Hassan now is an assistant professor at Suez Canal University, Egypt. https://www.dziwnezegarki.pl/


  • Ph.D. program of S. Meyer: I have co-supervised S. Meyer (the main supervisor was Prof. C.  Passchier, University Mainz – Germany). The main topic of the Ph.D. program of S. Meyer was structural geology. I was able to supervise him in the field as well as in the petrological part of his thesis (e.g. petrographic description, calculated P-T conditions and mineral data interpretation). In addition, I have supervised him during the preparation of the manuscripts. A paper was published in Terra Nova out of this supervision and another one is ready to be submitted to Geology. Dr. Meyer defended his Ph.D. in 2015 and currently, he is a post-doc at University Mainz – Germany.


  • Ph.D. program of S. Turab: S. Turab this Pakistani student who contacted our research group in 2012 to help him that scholarship for his Ph.D. Together with the Prof. K. Stüwe (i.e. main supervisor), I have helped him to write at proposal to study the active tectonics of Himalaya and compare it active tectonics along these Red Sea (i.e. divergent vs. convergent tectonics). Successfully S. Turab got his scholarship and I have continued my co-supervision during his fieldwork and the petrographic description part of his thesis. Dr. S. Turab defended his Ph.D. in 2016 and he is now researcher at University of Peshawar.


  • Ph.D. program of A. Oswald: The main topic of this Ph.D. program is active tectonics and landscape evolution of Sinai and northern part of the Eastern Desert of Egypt. This program is still in progress and my main role is to co-supervise the fieldwork and to help in the interpretation of field and petrological data.


  • M.Sc. programs of M. Sherif, H. Gamal El-Din and S. Reda (Tanta University, Egypt), and G. Hanke (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz). My contributions to these programs vary between supervise fieldwork, helping in data interpretation and/or helping in writing the manuscripts. Two peer-reviewed papers (geochemistry) were published as a result of the master programs of M. Sherif and H. Gamal El-Din. Mr. G. Hanke and Ms. S. Reda defended their master thesis in 2014 and 2016, respectively. M. Sherif successfully got a Ph.D. scholarship from Delaware University, USA. While H. Gamal El-Din is now a Ph.D. student at Curtin University, Australia.